I remember the days early on in my sales career when it seemed like spending a whole day cold calling people on the phone was a badge of honor. If you could fearlessly call people that you never met before in your life and try to pitch them on a product you were considered a “go getter” or a “hunter”. These days those types of actions would consider you either stupid or just a glutton for punishment.

“Who are you?” and “Why are you calling me?” and the occasional “Go f*ck yourself!” were typical reactions from people who were going Cold Calling Is Dead, Cold calling alternativesabout their lovely day when they were so rudely interrupted by me. But could you blame them? If the tables were turned, I would have reacted, and have reacted the same.

Cold calling is a dying medium in today’s technology driven consumer environment. I look back on those days and absolutely cringe. Not because there was necessarily anything wrong with those tactics back then, but more because I absolutely hated it. I hated cold calling people I didn’t know. I understood if they didn’t want to talk to me, because I wouldn’t want to talk to me, or any other sales person for that matter. But that’s how we did it. That’s how we uncovered new opportunities with people and businesses¬† to sell something to.

In today’s environment, people rarely talk on the phone anymore. Most communication is done via texting, video conferencing, or shall I dare say it…email. Sure, there is a ton of business done over the phone still, but usually when there is already somewhat of a relationship established and maybe a little bit of trust.

Also, back in “those” days, very little value was given up front. The general attitude was believe what I have to say first, let me convince and persuade you, then you pay me money for my product or service. Today, the complete opposite exists.


Today’s Technology Driven Sales And Marketing Environment

Welcome in the new era of technology driven, values based marketing and sales. It’s a real thing, and if you are not on board, you’ll get Lead Generationleft behind…fast.

In our consumerism driven society, us consumers (and non-consumers) are supposedly shown about 4,000 ads every day. So how does one stand out from the crowd when there are so many ads and cold calling people on the phone seems to be an antiquated technique these days?

The answer of course is attraction based marketing. Attraction Based Marketing (ABM) is the only viable way to sell to people and organizations in the modern day.


What is Attraction Based Marketing?

Attraction Based Marketing is attracting the right kind of customers and prospects to you. Not the prospect or customer attracting you to them. Quite the opposite as you can tell.

Attraction Based Marketing is narrowly defining who your ideal customer is and providing them so much up front value that they seek you out, hunt you down, and buy your product or service and the incredible offer you present to them before it goes away. It’s like being a magnet for your customers, however the wrong sales message or technique will repel them away quicker than using skunk perfume on a first date.


It’s All About The Value

To attract the right customers to you, you first need to know who the right customer is. What do they look like, and where do they hang out? What do they like to do? What types of products and services to they use?

Taking a shotgun approach does not work in Attraction Based Marketing because your message needs to be tailored to your ideal customer. Being somebody who serves the general public will only get you the types of customers that you don’t want or will cause you headaches.

Once you have your customer avatar, or avatars (you can have many of course) then you need to serve them messages that they can identify with. They need to feel like they are understood. Once they feel understood, then blast them with value. So much value that they feel guilty for not buying your actual product or service. It’s that simple.


Internet Marketing – The Perfect Fit for Attraction Based Marketing

Put the phone down! Shred the phone book! Terminate your phone number…well, maybe don’t do this, but understand that Internet Marketing is the better way.

With internet marketing we can attract the right types of customers into our business. We have the ability to put ads in front of people that get them hot and bothered. Then we get to promise a huge amount of value in the form of information or services they can use immediately to improve their situation. Prove your worth to them before you ask them for anything. Give them value before they give you value.

This is why internet marketing is so wonderful. We have the ability to put together free “lead magnets” to give them value in exchange for a way to continue giving them value before they actually buy something.

Give value in the form of free video courses, free reports, free apps, insider tips, etc. And the great thing is that this can all be automated using the internet. Develop the helpful information and then set it on autopilot. But keep marketing to them. Keep sending them emails and putting ads in front of them.



The whole point of this article is to get you to understand that business is done in a different way at this day in age. Business will always be a people business, but the way we market to people has gone online and if more different than we could have imagined 20 years ago.

There is a learning curve to all this internet marketing stuff. And sometimes it can drive you crazy, however, it’s very learnable, and once learned it can skyrocket your business and sales.

My advice to you is to find mentors from the beginning. Find people who are experts in the area of internet marketing and can show you the ropes. It also helps to be involved with a community of people that are all leaning similar things. Collaboration is key these days, and it’s how we learn the best.

If you master Attraction Based Marketing you can make boat loads of money and have a ton of fun. Stop wasting time and start now! The earlier you start, the sooner you’ll see success!



Randall Blinn

Randall Blinn


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